Efficiency Formulas

In every case, any value in brackets (e.g. [DW]) is the percentage fulfilled to your workforce. In most cases, this value is simply 1.0.


Pioneer Efficiency = 0.02 * (1+([DW]*10/3)) * (1+([RAT]*4)) * (1+([OVE]*5/6)) * (1+([PWO]*1/11)) * (1+([COF]*2/13))


Settler Efficiency = 0.01 * (1+([DW]*10/3)) * (1+([RAT]*4)) * (1+([EXO])) * (1+([PT]*5/6)) * (1+([REP]*1/11)) * (1+([KOM]*2/13))


Technician Efficiency = 0.005 * (1+([DW]*10/3)) * (1+([RAT]*4)) * (1+([MED]*5/6)) * (1+[HMS]) * (1+[SCN]) * (1+([ALE]*2/13)) * (1+([SC]/11))


Engineer Efficiency = 0.005 * (1+([DW]*10/3)) * (1+([FIM]*4)) * (1+([MED]*5/6)) * (1+[HSS]) * (1+[PDA]) * (1+([GIN]*2/13)) * (1+([VG]/11))


Note: This has not been fully verified

Scientist Efficiency = 0.005 * (1+([DW]*10/3)) * (1+([MEA]*4)) * (1+([MED]*5/6)) * (1+[LC]) * (1+[WS]) * (1+([WIN]*2/13)) * (1+([NST]/11))


Current findings:

  • Whenever the POPR (population report) hits for the planet, the new tick time is then and there.
  • Whenever you change worker amounts, your new tick time is then and there. Things that affect this:
    • Building a production building where said building would add workers (unknown if it triggers if you add a building w/ no worker count change)
    • Destroying a production building which would reduce the amount of required workers
  • Adding capacity triggers the consumption event
  • Repairing does not trigger the consumption event

Whenever the above happens, you will immediately have a consumption event and your new consumption time is then. If, for example:

  1. Your last consumption event was at noon
  2. You build a new production building at 6pm

Your workers will immediately consume 25% (6 hours = 1/4 of a day) of their daily needs and the new consumption time will be 6pm.

Tracking consumption can be done using the FIOExtension (if APEX is running when the consumption event happens).